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Increasing Light in Your Kitchen | DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

4 Ways to Add More Light to Your Kitchen

Increasing LightAre you sick and tired of living with poor lighting in your kitchen? Don’t get frustrated, settle for squinting, or just make do. Instead, start making plans for your next home remodeling project. It’s easier than ever to add additional light throughout your home, especially in your kitchen. While it’s important to have a contractor see your space and hear about your needs, here are four wonderful ways to add more light to your kitchen.

Recessed Lighting

One of the best options for your kitchen update is to add recessed lighting. This type of lighting is perfect if your space suffers from an overabundance of shadowy nooks and corners. Recessed lighting is also great for bathroom updates.

Over-Cabinet Lighting

Looking for a way to improve lighting and ambiance at the same time? Over-cabinet lighting doesn’t provide as much direct light, but it does drastically enhance the look and feel of your kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Do you use your countertops for cooking and meal preparation often? If you’ve ever worried about cutting yourself due to poor lighting, under-cabinet lighting may be the perfect solution. This type of lighting will make your countertops extra bright and safe!


If you prefer natural light, talk to your contractor about adding a skylight in your kitchen. Skylights are particularly affective in areas with long, sunny days, but provide natural light even when it’s overcast.

Don’t Wait: Add More Kitchen Lighting Today!

Living with a poorly lit kitchen can be incredibly frustrating, but now you know that you don’t have to put up with this inconvenience. There are so many possible lighting options available and one is sure to suit your space and needs. Contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southern Lakes today to speak with a contractor about which lighting would be right for you. Make sure you visit our website for additional information about our many construction and remodeling services. We’re also happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to call us at (262) 287-9170. Remember to ask about our free consultation offer when you call.

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