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Lake Geneva Anti-Slip Flooring

Why Anti-Slip Flooring is Right

for Your Lake Geneva Home

anti-slip flooringAre you’re worried that you or a family member might slip and fall in your bathroom or kitchen? It may be time to install anti-slip flooring in your Lake Geneva home. This home remodeling project is perfect for families with elderly loved ones who are likely to fall and seriously injure themselves. Unfortunately, too many accidents at home are a result of slippery kitchen or bathroom floors. Here are three reasons to consider including anti-slip flooring in your next bathroom or kitchen update.

Family Safety

Elderly individuals aren’t the only ones at risk of falling in your home. They are certainly more susceptible to slipping. But anyone in your entire family could fall and injure themselves, given the right circumstances. Keeping your household safe is vital; and anti-slip flooring can help. This is one Lake Geneva kitchen or bathroom update you won’t regret.

Installation is Simple

Another great reason to consider installing anti-slip flooring in Lake Geneva is that the installation is very simple. Hardwood floor and tile flooring can take several days or weeks to install. But your professional contractor should be able to wrap up this project quite quickly. This means you can begin enjoying your new and safer flooring right away.

Saves You Money

Many flooring materials can be very expensive to purchase and install. While anti-slip floors still comes with a price tag, this type of material actually helps you save money in the future. It’s far less expensive to install anti-slip flooring than to pay medical bills resulting from an accident in your home.

Think Anti-Slip Flooring is Right for Your Lake Geneva Home?

Do you think that anti-slip flooring is right for your Lake Geneva home? Find out more about this material and the installation process by contacting DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southern Lakes, Kenosha, Racine, Burlington, and Lake Geneva today. Find out more about our company and how you can receive a free consultation by visiting our website. Call (262) 287-9170 to talk to one of our professional contractors about anti-slip flooring in Lake Geneva today.

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Lake Geneva Anti-Slip Flooring Installation


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